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Coin Telescopes & Binoculars

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Revenue Sharing

Let Us Show You The Money!


No Cost to You!

Insurances Covered!

Worlds Best!

A New Source of Interest for your Customers!

It gives us great pleasure at In-vu to introduce our new visual concept and tell you how this can become a source of revenue for your enterprise ... at NO COST TO YOU!

Unless you consider taking money out of a machine, a cost that is!

We can hear you thinking, and you are right. This does sound too good to be true.

However, we aren't promising you the earth here, just a smart way to reap extra revenue and provide a source of entertainment and wonder for your patrons/visitors.

If you have a business, company, organisation, government department or any other facet of income that has scenic views and vistas, then In-vu can help you turn that view into a 'Visual Experience' for your patrons that will return you extra cash flow.

Here's how it works.

In-vu can supply the appropriate coin operated telescope or binocular unit to suit your particular vista ... for FREE.

The In-vu telescopes and binoculars are the worlds best!

There is no compromising when dealing with In-vu. We want the best for ourselves, for you, and your patrons.

Kids, tourists, and visitors love looking through telescopes and binoculars, and will gladly hand over the tiny cost to enjoy Australia's visual delights through a world class viewer.

All you need to do is collect the money each month and perform a small service at that time before sending us our part of the revenue share.

Revenue Sharing!

We supply the telescope or binocular ... you supply the view.

It really is that easy!

What Other Advantages Are There?

  • Product Choice - You choose the product and colours that best suit your establishment, viewing platform or area. We are happy to help you make this decision of course.
  • Confidence & Stability - In-vu are backed by our parent company, SeeCoast who manufacture the products we offer. These products are the worlds best and the company was the first to produce coin operated viewers way back in 1960!
  • Insurance - In-vu takes care of the public and product insurance so you have nothing to pay and peace of mind.
  • Replacement - In-vu will replace malfunctioning or vandalized units for FREE!



Special Requirements Catered For!

In-vu also has options for those special circumstances and requirements.


  • Handicap Accessibility - All our telescopes and binoculars can be fitted with handicap accessible bases.
  • Children - Kids are a huge user of our viewers, mum and dad are only too happy to shell out a couple of dollars to keep the little ones happy while out for the day. We offer bases that cater for children and allow them to see the great scenic delights as well.
  • Culture - Custom painting can be arranged if cultural (or other special paintwork is required) needs are to be catered for.
  • Donations - Special donation capabilities exist should you feel that accepting donations (perhaps to go toward a local need or environment issue) are necessary.

We LOVE to chat with interested parties, PLEASE don't hesitate to contact us and discuss the possibilities of Revenue Sharing for your business!


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